EasyDMM First Use

August 27, 2019

SIGLENTs EasyDMM software provides easy instrument control and data collection.

In this note, we will show how to configure EasyDMM for the first time.

  1. Download and install EasyDMM. You can find the download instructions and files here: DMM Software

2. Connect the SDM to the controlling computer or network. The SDMs have USB and LAN connections. In this note, we are using a USB connection

3. Open EasyDMM by clicking on the desktop icon or running the executable from the start menu.

The initial opening screen will show this basic layout:


4. Now, click on Add Instrument, select the USB device you wish to control (USBTMC as shown), and click OK:



It’s ALIVE!!!!


5. Set Mode to Measure:



To connect and receive measurements from the instrument, you can click on the “run” button:


This will update the data on the display:


From here, you can adjust the measurement type:


View Data:


Save Data:


If you have an SDM3055 or SDM3065X with Scan Card (-SC part numbers), there is also a nice note on scanning here: Configure EasyDMM Scanning