SHA850A Series Handheld Spectrum / Vector Network Analyzer

  • Standard SA and CAT mode, optional VNA mode
  • Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 7.5 GHz
  • -165 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ.)
  • -104 dBc/Hz@1 GHz,10 kHz offset SSB Phase Noise (Typ.)
  • 114 dB Dynamic Range in VNA mode (Typ.)
  • Channel power, ACPR, Harmonics, and TOI measurement option
  • Standard preamplifier, 8.4” touch screen, 4 hours working time
  • GPS location and logging

Product Overview

SIGLENT SHA850A, a handheld portable spectrum analyzer and cable-and-antenna analyzer, is a powerful and flexible tool for those field and outdoor RF applications.

With a frequency range up to 7.5 GHz, the analyzer delivers reliable automatic measurements and multiple modes of operation. A spectrum analyzer, including built-in amplifier and independent signal source, fast scanning speed, high sensitivity, can achieve broadcast monitoring, channel power scanning, wireless interference location, power monitoring, electromagnetic compatibility, and other functions. A cable and antenna tester including built-in DC voltage bias, with a 1-path-2-port vector network analysis function, can measure TDR, VSWR, port matching debugging, insertion loss measurement, tower amplifier debugging, cable fault location, Smith chart, etc.

Frequency Range Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) Phase Noise Total Amplitude Accuracy Display Average Noise Level (DANL) Price
SHA851A 9 kHz~3.6 GHz 1 Hz ~ 3 MHz, in 1-3-10 sequence -104 dBc/Hz ±0.7 dB -165 dBm/Hz € 3,910 Buy Now
SHA852A 9 kHz~7.5 GHz 1 Hz ~ 3 MHz, in 1-3-10 sequence -104 dBc/Hz ±0.7 dB -165 dBm/Hz € 6,480 Buy Now

Key Features

  • Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 3.6 GHz/7.5 GHz
  • Cable and Antenna Test Frequency Range from 100 kHz up to 7.5 GHz, Distance To Fault and Time Domain Analysis
  • Vector Network Analyzer (Opt.*) Frequency Range from 100 kHz up to 7.5 GHz, Bias out up to 32VDC (Opt.*)
  • -165 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ.)
  • -104 dBc/Hz@1 GHz,10 kHz offset SSB Phase Noise (Typ.)
  • Full bandwidth source (Opt.*) and standard preamplifier
  • Analog and Digital Signal Modulation Analysis Mode (Opt.*)
  • Advanced Measurement Kit with Waterfall chart (Opt.*)
  • GPS Receiver and GPS Logging (Opt.*)
  • Typical working time 4 hours, 3.2 kg net weight, 8.4 lnch Multi-Touch Screen

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Product Characteristics

Perfect for Field Use View more

Perfect for Field Use

SHA850A is designed for field engineers. It features 8.4’’ big touch screen with knob & keys operation. The unit comes with a standard bag and hand strap, so engineers can either hang it on shoulder or hold it steadily in hand. The working time with one battery is up to 4 hours. With GPS and directional antenna options, it becomes a perfect tool in field.

Multifunctional Analyzer View more

Multifunctional Analyzer

In SHA850A, the spectrum analyzer and cable & antenna analyzer modes are standard, while the vector network analyzer and modulation analysis modes are optional.

With all these functions in one unit, engineers do not need to bring different instruments to field. It reduces the burden of field engineers and make tests more convenient.

Abundant Accessories View more

Abundant Accessories

To fulfill various measurements, accessories are indispensable. As a fast growing RF solutions manufacture, Siglent provide GPS antenna, directional antennas, calibration kits and various types of RF cables & connectors for RF experts and engineers.

Optional Accessories

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