SHN900A Portable Vector Network Analyzer

  • 2ports: S-parameters, Time Domain, Pulse Measurement
  • Frequency Range: 30 kHz~26.5 GHz
  • Range of IFBW: 10 Hz~3 MHz
  • Dynamic Range: 110 dB (typ.)
  • Cable and Antenna Test Mode (CAT) included
  • Spectrum Analyzer Mode (opt.)
  • Bias-Tee, 4h Working Time included
  • GPS, Time and Location Information Saving included

Product Overview

SHN900A series portable vector network analyzer with frequency range up to 26.5GHz, integrates vector network analysis, time domain analysis, spectrum analysis, and standard cable and antenna analysis. It is specially designed for portable and flexible testing of RF components, cables, and systems in R&D, production, maintenance and communications, antenna base stations, and automotive electronics.

The SHN900A provides a portable, easy to use design for complex RF measurements. The SHN900A can operate as a cable and antenna tester including built-in DC voltage bias, a full 2-port vector network analyzer with advanced TDR measurements, pulse measurements, pass-fail limit testing, and complete S-parameters. The SHN900A is a highly integrated, multi-mode RF test system for use in the field and on the line with a 4-hour battery life and a mechanical package suitable to these complex environments.

Frequency Range Ports Dynamic Range Trace Noise Range of Output Price
SHN914A 30kHz-14GHz 2 100 dB 0.003 dB rms, 0.03° rms -45 dBm ~ +10 dBm € 14.780 Buy Now
SHN920A 30kHz-20GHz 2 100 dB 0.003 dB rms, 0.03° rms -45 dBm ~ +10 dBm € 17,880 Buy Now
SHN926A 30kHz-26.5GHz 2 100 dB 0.003 dB rms, 0.03° rms -45 dBm ~ +10 dBm € 22,180 Buy Now

Key Features

  • Frequency Range: 30 kHz~26.5 GHz
  • Frequency resolution: 1 Hz
  • Level resolution: 0.01 dB
  • Range of IFBW: 10 Hz~3 MHz
  • Dynamic Range: 110 dB (typ.)
  • Standard CAT/DTF Measurement
  • Standard Bias-Tee for external measured objects
  • Standard GPS, Time and Location Information Saving
  • Typical working time 4 hours, 3.2 kg net weight, 8.4 lnch Multi-Touch Screen
  • Types of measurement: Scattering-parameter measurement, differential-parameter measurement, receiver measurement, time-domain parameter analysis, limit test, ripple test, impedance conversion, fixture simulation, adapter removal/insertion, enhanced time-domain parameter analysis (TDR), spectrum analysis, frequency offset, scalar mixer measurement, pulse measurement

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Product Characteristics

Perform Better in the Field View more

Perform Better in the Field

SHN900A pursues the ultimate portability and operation convenience in design, and provides flexible and simple operation methods. SHN900A is designed with high integration, the whole machine weighs is less than 3.2kg and the size is 310 mm × 215 mm × 78.5 mm. And it powered by Li-ion batteries with a battery life of up to 4 hours, which is more suitable for complex environments such as outdoor, narrow space and aerial work.

Vector Network Analyzer (Standard) View more

Vector Network Analyzer (Standard)

With a dynamic range of up to 110 dB, the SHN900A is able to meet many high dynamic range testing needs. The low trace noise greatly improves the test accuracy and meets the user’s need for precise measurement. SHN900A supports scattering-parameter/differential-parameter measurement, TDR, VSWR, port matching debugging, insertion loss measurement, tower amplifier debugging, cable fault location, smith chart, pulse measurement, etc.

Cable and Antenna Analysis (Standard) View more

Cable and Antenna Analysis (Standard)

The CAT mode of the SHN900A verifies and troubleshoots the electrical performance of RF and microwave transmission systems, and is ideal for tasks such as installation and maintenance of antenna systems, distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements on cables, single-port cable loss measurements, and antenna matching measurements.

Spectrum Analysis (SHN900-SA) View more

Spectrum Analysis (SHN900-SA)

Spectrum analysis mode supports the measurement of parameters such as channel power, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) and occupied bandwidth. Marker → SA supports a quick view of the spectrum at specific frequency points of the S-parameters, making signal search and analysis more convenient. Simple and clear setup boxes make the testing process simpler, and a series of standardized, repetitive measurements can be performed quickly and easily without error, helping to eliminate human error and supporting the user in making the right measurements from the start.

Time Domain Analysis (SHN900-TDA) View more

Time Domain Analysis (SHN900-TDA)

TDA supports time-domain transformation, windowing, coupling, tagging and gating, which helps to characterize the device from both time-domain and frequency-domain perspectives, such as filtering the desired time-domain response through the gating function, and reducing overshoot and ringing through the windowing function.

Enhanced Time-Domain Analysis (SHN900-TDR) View more

Enhanced Time-Domain Analysis (SHN900-TDR)

TDR provides time-domain reflection, transmission analysis and eye diagram simulation analysis functions, compared with ordinary frequency-domain analysis, it can quickly locate the fault point, determine the type of fault, can use the built-in virtual code generator to generate simulated eye diagrams, with jitter injection function to simulate the impact of the input signal with jitter on signal transmission.

GPS Location and Logging (Standard) View more

GPS Location and Logging (Standard)

SNA series portable vector network analyzer combined with GPS function can quickly locate the location of interference sources. Combined with the recording and playback function, it can help users to record the measurement results of spectrum, channel power and adjacent channel power ratio at multiple specific locations, identify and locate interference signals, and better meet the needs of various applications.

Accurate Calibration and Measurement View more

Accurate Calibration and Measurement

The accuracy of network analyzer is closely related to calibration. SHN900A supports calibration methods such as SOLT, SOLR, TRL, Response, Enhanced Response, etc. It is compatible with a variety of calibration components, supports user-defined calibration kits, and facilitates the testing of devices with different interface types. SHN900A supports impedance conversion, fixture simulation, adapter removal/insertion, etc.

Adjustable Differential/Single-Ended TDR Probes View more

Adjustable Differential/Single-Ended TDR Probes

When measuring the impedance of electronic components such as circuit boards and wires, the uneven spacing requires the fabrication of appropriate test probes and fixtures during testing. With this adjustable probe (ASP-18/26, ADP18/26), the spacing of the test probes can be adjusted between 0 mm and 6.5 mm through the built-in adjusting wheel, so that the test can be carried out quickly.

Optional Accessories

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