SigIQPro Signal Generation Software

  • Bluetooth BR/EDR
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • IEEE 802.15.4 O-QPSK BPSK (ZigBee)
  • IEEE 802.15.4 SUN FSK
  • IEEE 802.15.4 SUN OFDM
  • ITU-T G.9959 (Z-WAVE)
  • Custom OFDM
  • Custom IQ

Product Overview

SigIQPro is a flexible PC-based signal generation software that takes signal generation to a whole new level. SIGLENT instruments and SigIQPro signal generation software integrate simulation, design and test to easily meet the needs of users at all stages of design, R&D, and production. SigIQPro is specially developed for easy generation of protocol and modulated signals, with a user interface that supports intuitive operation and provides relevant documentation that makes it easy to create standards-compliant waveforms for a wide range of applications, as well as support for downloading signal files to the SIGLENT signal generators for playback. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! SigIQPro provides 30 free trials of each feature for unrestricted use of the functions with your existing compatible signal generators.


Option Name Description Price  
SigIQPro-BT Bluetooth Signals generation € 4,910 Buy Now
SigIQPro-IoT IoT Signals generation € 4,910 Buy Now
SigIQPro-OFDM Custom OFDM signal generation € 4,910 Buy Now

Key Features

  • A comprehensive PC-based software for general and standards-based signals creation
  • Support Bluetooth, IoT, Custom OFDM, Custom IQ, and in the future, 5G NR, LTE and WLAN, and more
  • Compatible with conversion of various data formats
  • Simplify signal creation and accelerate testing, lower overall test costs as well as speeds up time-to-market in the design cycle
  • Meet the requirements of IoT and other wireless cellular communications

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Product Characteristics

Bluetooth View more


  • Create signals for BR, EDR, LE specifications
  • Support 2 Ms/s symbol rate for higher data rate
  • Basic and enhanced data rate modulated data streams
  • Fully-coded Bluetooth packets with 2-DHx, 2-EVx, 3-DHx, and 3-EVx packet types

IoT (Internet of Things) View more

IoT (Internet of Things)

  • A principally outdoor, low data rate wireless network
  • Typically employ mesh or peer-to-peer multi-hop technology to communicate with an access point
  • Create signals for IEEE 802.15.4 SUN FSK and IEEE 802.15.4 SUN OFDM specifications
  • Create signals for IEEE 802.15.4 O-QPSK / BPSK ZigBee and ITU-T G.9959 FSK / GFSK Z-Wave specifications

Custom Modulation (Custom IQ and Custom OFDM) View more

Custom Modulation (Custom IQ and Custom OFDM)

  • Custom IQ and Custom OFDM, including Digital modulation, Custom modulation, Multitone and LFM sweep
  • Modulation Format:


-2FSK, 4FSK to 16FSK, MSK

-8QAM, 16QAM to 4096QAM


Toolkit View more


  • A file conversion tool, compatible with conversion of various data formats
  • Export waveform files (*.arb), project file (*.project) or state files (*.state)
  • Import SIGLENT encrypted waveforms (*.arb) or user defined waveforms ( *.txt/.csv/.dat, *.mat, *.project, *.state, etc)

SIGLENT Bluetooth® signal generation and signal analysis solution View more

SIGLENT Bluetooth® signal generation and signal analysis solution

Together with SigIQPro signal generation software and SDG7000A/SSG5000X-V, SSA5000A forms an economical and efficient SIGLENT Bluetooth signal generation and signal analysis solution, which accelerates the process from signal generation to data information to evaluation conclusion.

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