Why do the SP3050A passive probes that come with the SDS6000A have a 2 GHz only label?

November 1, 2021

From approximately August, 2021 through May, 2022, the SIGLENT SDS6000A oscilloscope was delivered with model SP3050A 500 MHz probes that were tuned for use with the SDS6000A only.

Even though they had the same model number, they have a different response from the same SP3050As that were included with other SIGLENT scopes, including the SDS5X.

These tuned probes have a flag label that distinguishes between the two types of SP3050A probes as shown below:

SP3050A 2 GHz label


NOTE: In approximately May, 2022, this modified SP3050A was rebadged as the SP3150A probe.