SVA Options: How do I know what is activated/available?

October 1, 2019

The SIGLENT SVA series of analyzer instruments are very flexible platforms that offer a number of different functions that can be activated.

New instruments are delivered with over 100 hours of trial time for each option, allowing users to try the options before purchasing them. The trial timer is running while the instrument is powered on.

Purchased options are not activated at the factory. They are emailed to the purchaser directly and must be activated and installed before they are permanently activated on the instrument.

Here are some steps that can help you determine what options are available and where they can be found:

Options page

The options page lists each option and status (trial with time remaining, expired, or permanent).

Here is an example showing a unit with all options permanently activated:


To check the Options page:

Press System > System Info:

AMK – Advanced Measurement Kit (Part Number SVA1000X-AMK), including Channel Power, Adjacent Channel (ACPR), Occupied Bandwidth (OBW), Total Power (TP), Third Order Intercept (TOI), and a spectrum/waterfall monitor mode.

EMI – Electromagnetic Pre-compliance Kit (Part Number SVA1000X-EMI),

TG* – Tracking Generator (Part Number SVA1000X-TG)

DMA – Digital Modulation Analysis (Part Number SVA1000X-DMA)

AMA – Analog Modulation Analysis (Part Number SVA1000X-AMA)

DTF – Distance to Fault (Part Number SVA1000X-DTF)

VNA* – Vector Network Analyzer (Part Number SVA1000X-VNA)

*NOTE:  The Tracking Generator (TG) is included. Also, units manufactured prior to September 2019 did not automatically include the Vector Network Option (Part number SVA1000X-VNA). Units manufactured after this time should have a permanently activated VNA option.


Individual functional tests:

AMK: The advanced measurements are located under the Measure area of the front panel. Simply press MEAS and a list of unlocked selections will appear. If they are greyed out, the function is not unlocked and the trial time has expired:


EMI: Press BW > Set Filter to EMI. Now you can select EMI RBWs (200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz) and Quasi Peak detector


TG: Press TG button


DMA/AMA/DTF/VNA: Press Mode button and select desired function