SDS1000X-E New Fixed Position Zoom

February 8, 2018

This feature allows the user to adjust the position selections for horizontal and vertical zooming.

Traditionally, most scopes allow you to zoom around a fixed position. This is typically the center of the display (which is the standard operation on all SIGLENT scopes).

We refer to this as fixed delay for horizontal and fixed offset for vertical zooming. In this configuration, the delay and offset values remain fixed which causes any vertical or horizontal scale changes to be centered on the middle of the display.

Here is a screen image of an SDS1202X-E with an input signal:

Note the location of the horizontal and vertical position badges.


With the traditionally fixed offset zoom, when you adjust the vertical and horizontal scales, you can see that the waveform expands, but it does so around the center of the display. The vertical and horizontal positions change:


When we zoom around fixed positions, the horizontal offset and vertical positions are fixed on the display and the waveform is expanded around those points as shown here:

This new feature allows you to select a fixed reference position for both the vertical and hortizonal offset positions for the zoom. This makes for faster troubleshooting by minimizing the number of adjustments required to zoom on the area of interest.