How to install the USBTMC driver

October 24, 2017

SIGLENT Technologies uses a broad range of products that utilize the USBTMC unified protocol to communicate with the host computer and control. Users can use SIGLENT provided PC software to send commands to remotely control the instrument.

In addition, you can use NI-MAX (National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer) for instrument control.

Here is an example of using SIGLENT EasyScope Oscilloscope software via the USB interface for remote control:

1. Connect the oscilloscope to the controlling computer using a USB cable. The computer should notify you that a new USBTMC device has been connected. You can check the Device Manager (Windows OS) for more details.

2. Install the USB driver. The oscilloscope is a USBTMC device. If your PC has installed EasyScope software and NI software, the first time the oscilloscope and PC are connected correctly and turned on, the PC Hardware Update Wizard dialog box will pop up. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard “USB Test and Measurement Device” driver.

The steps are as follows:

    • Check the “Specify the installation location (Advanced) (s) from the list.”
    • Click “Next”
    • Check the “Do not search, I will choose the driver to install (D).”
    • Click “Next” and “Next”. The wizard is installing the software, please wait…

Click Finish to install the driver successfully.