Operating Tips

SNA5000A Series

Additional sweep information for the SNA5000X

December 21, 2021

When performing a log sweep, does the power sweep have log steps or is it linear steps with mathematical interpolation? The power sweep uses linear steps. The freq sweep has log or linear steps, depending on the user selection.

Currently supported VNA calibration kits for the SNA5000A

September 14, 2021

Here are the currently supported calibration kits for the SNA5000A series of VNAs Software revision: SIGLENT Details F503ME N-type, 50 Ohms F503FE N-type, 50 Ohms F603ME 3.5 mm, 50 Ohms F603FE 3.5 mm, 50 Ohms F504MS N-type, 50 Ohms F504FS N-type, 50 Ohms F604MS 3.5 mm, 50 Ohms F604FS 3.5 mm, 50 Ohms   … Continued

What is the difference between SMA and 3.5 mm RF connectors?

September 14, 2021

SMA and 3.5 mm RF connectors are very similar and should be mechanically compatible, but do have some electrical differences that may be important for your application. For best performance, use SMAs with SMAs and 3.5 mm connectors with 3.5 mm connectors. If you question the connection integrity, you can use connector gages to verify … Continued

Do your instruments support UDP communications over LAN?

August 5, 2021

Not at this time. Many instruments support communication via sockets (port 5025) and telnet (port 5024) but the port numbers cannot be changed. If you use VISA, you can implement LAN via TCP/IP, which does not need a port number. Here is a listing of current SIGLENT instruments with Socket and Telnet Support.

How to check available internal memory?

July 29, 2021

Simply access the Save/Recall menu for the instrument in question and select Local. The menu will show used/total amounts. Here, the SDG6X has approximately 83 MB and the SDG1X has 85 MB of memory:

Instrument Socket and Telnet Port Information

February 25, 2021

Product Type Product Series Socket port 5025 (Y/N) Telnet port 5024(Y/N) Digital Oscilloscope SDS5000X Y Y SDS2000X Plus Y Y SDS2000X N N SDS2000X-E Y Y SDS1000X N N SDS1000X-E Y Y SDS1104X-U Y Y SDS1000CML+ N N SDS1000DL+ N N Waveform Generator SDG6000X Y Y SDG2000X Y Y SDG1000X Y Y SDG800 N N … Continued