SIGLENT Spectrum Boost Promotion

September 28, 2023


You want to extend your ability to view and analyze signals in real-time?

Then our Spectrum Analyzer Boost Promotion, will be the right choice!

Buy any new Real-Time Analyzer during the promotion time and you will get a free upgrade to 40 MHz of real-time bandwidth.

With the full real-time bandwidth, your new SIGLENT Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer visualizes a wide span and captures more dynamic signals with a low minimum signal duration with 100% probability of intercept.


Purchase a new SSA3000X-R Analyzer: SSA3032X-R, SSA3050X-R, or SSA3075X-R

↠ Get a free SSA3000XR-RT40 upgrade license (a €1255 value!)

Purchase a new SSA5000A Analyzer: SSA5083A or SSA5085A

↠ Get free SSA5000-RTA1 and SSA5000-B40 upgrade licenses (a €5810 value!)


Here are some matters need your attention:

*This is a limited time promotion for valuable SIGLENT customers, the promotion valid 1st of October 2023 through 30th of June 2024 on new instrument purchases only.

* Promotion only on models listed.

*No other discounts or promotions apply.

*This promotion is only available in Europe Area.


To find out more about this great offer, contact .