Application Notes

SSA5000A Series

Using the SSA5000A noise figure measurement option

February 4, 2024

1        Introduction The article demonstrates how to use the noise figure analysis function of SIGLENT SSA5000A spectrum analyzer to make high quality noise figure measurements quickly and efficiently. 1.1      Noise Figure Fundamentals 1.1.1       Definition of Noise Figure Noise is the interference generated inside components or systems, which leads to the deterioration of circuit performance; There … Continued

Using the SSA5000A pulse measurement option

February 4, 2024

1        Introduction RF pulse signals are widely used in pules modulated and testing of pulse signals is necessary for engineers working in related fields. In some critical areas such as signal design and verification require integrated time domain/frequency domain/modulation test tools for pulse signal analysis. SIGLENT SSA5000A’s Pulse function provides pulse analysis that can help … Continued

Demonstration of the SIGIQPro Bluetooth signal generation and SSA5000A Bluetooth analysis function

February 2, 2024

1        Introduction As a wireless communication technology, Bluetooth technology is widely used in various devices and application scenarios. The article aims at RF verification of Bluetooth transmitter. Through fast one-click RF measurement, SSA5000A spectrum analyzer is transformed into a standard-based Bluetooth RF transmission tester to help you design, evaluate and manufacture Bluetooth devices. The measurement … Continued

Using the SSA5000A phase noise analysis function

February 1, 2024

1        Introduction A stable frequency source is a common need for many electronic devices and most RF equipment. Phase noise can be used to characterize the short-term frequency stability of these frequency sources. In this document, we will briefly describe how to use the phase noise analysis function of Siglent SSA5000A Spectrum analyzers   2        … Continued