Demonstration of the SIGIQPro Bluetooth signal generation and SSA5000A Bluetooth analysis function

February 2, 2024

1        Introduction

As a wireless communication technology, Bluetooth technology is widely used in various devices and application scenarios. The article aims at RF verification of Bluetooth transmitter. Through fast one-click RF measurement, SSA5000A spectrum analyzer is transformed into a standard-based Bluetooth RF transmission tester to help you design, evaluate and manufacture Bluetooth devices. The measurement application conforms to the standard of Bluetooth core specification, and can safely verify your Bluetooth design, covering Bluetooth BR, EDR and LE. The article will demonstrate how to use the Bluetooth analysis function of SSA5000A to carry out Bluetooth analysis and measurement quickly and effectively.


1.1      Bluetooth Analysis Function

Bluetooth SIG specifies the RF test items of Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Low Energy Bluetooth measurement specifications. Tables 2 and 3 list the corresponding test items supported by SSA5000A and suitable for transmitter testing. The SIGLENT Bluetooth measurement application refers to the following Bluetooth RF test specifications:

Table 1 Supported standard versions

Type Bluetooth device
Standard version Bluetooth radio frequency system specification 1.2/2.0/2.0+EDR/2.1/2.1+EDR revision 2.1.E.0

— basic rate

— enhanced data rate

Bluetooth Low Energy RF PHY test specification (LE RF-PHY.TS/4.0/4.2)

Bluetooth RF PHY test specification (Bluetooth 5, 5.1 and 5.3)

Power Class 1, class 2 and class 3
Frequency Bluetooth basic rate and EDR system:

2.400 to 2.4835 GHz (f = 2402 +k MHz, k = 0, …, 78)

Bluetooth low energy system:

2.400 to 2.4835 GHz (f = 2402 +kx2 MHz, k = 0, …, 39)

Table 2 Supported Classic test items

Transmitter test TP/TRM/CA/BV-xx-C
Basic Rate (BR)
Output power 01
Modulation characteristic 07
Initial carrier frequency tolerance 08
Carrier frequency drift 09
Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
EDR relative transmit power 10
EDR carrier frequency stability and modulation accuracy 11
EDR differential phase encoding 12

Table 3 Supported LE test items

Low Energy (LE)
Transmitter test LE 1M

1 Mb/s


2 Mb/s


1 Mb/s, SMI


2 Mb/s, SMI

Coded, S=8

1 Mb/s, SMI

Output power 01
Modulation characteristics 05 10 09 11 13
Carrier frequency offset and drift 06 12 14


1.2      Configuration information

You need to install the appropriate firmware version and options on the required instruments.

Table 4 Configuration information

Type Model Configuration information
Signal Generation Software SigIQPro Optional: SigIQPro-BT
Vector Signal Generator SSG5000X-V Firmware: V2. above

Optional: SigIQPro-BT

Arbitrary Waveform Generator SDG7000A Firmware: V1.1.1.32 and above

Optional: SigIQPro-BT

Spectrum Analyzer SSA5000A Firmware: V1. and above

Optional: SSA5000A-BT


1.3      Measurement Parameters

SSA5000A Bluetooth analysis provides one-button measurement.

Bluetooth Analysis Basic Rate (BR) Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Low Energy (LE)
Output power
u  Peak power
u  Average power
Modulation characteristics
u  ΔF1 Avg/Max
u  ΔF2 Avg/Max
u  ΔF1/ΔF2 Ratio
Initial carrier frequency tolerance (ICFT)
Frequency offset
Carrier frequency drift
u  Frequency drift
u  Max drift rate
u  Init freq drift
Relative transmit power
u  GFSK average power
u  DPSK average power
u  Rel average power
Frequency stability and modulation accuracy
u     Freq offset
u       Freq offset
u       +
u  Peak DEVM
Differential phase decoding
u  BER
u  Bit errors
u  99% DEVM
Guard Interval


1.4      Connection Settings

Connect a PC with SigIQPro software to SSG5000X-V / SDG7000A through GPIB / LAN / USB. Complete the connection according to the setup instructions of SigIQPro, and then perform the following steps to interconnect SSG5000X-V / SDG7000A and SSA5000A:

1)      Connect SSG5000X-V/ SDG7000A RF output port to SSA5000A RF input port.

It is suggested to connect the 10 MHz IN output of SSG5000X-V / SDG7000A to the Ext RefI port (back panel) of SSA5000A to improve the frequency accuracy

Figure 1–1 Connection settings


1.5      Test Result

SSA5000A calculates the measurement results according to the Bluetooth® RF test specification, carries out Bluetooth BR/ EDR/LE one-button measurement and displays a single view with four traces. The one-button measurement function can conveniently and quickly complete the test purposes listed in Table 2 and 3 at one time, and provide an overview of multiple emission tests. Users can switch from the four-trace overview to a single power, modulation and spectrum measurement display to view the results in more detail. All signal parameters can be modified independently, such as RF channel, packet type, mode type, etc. SSA5000A is helpful for users to troubleshoot flexibly in the laboratory and optimize RF design easily and quickly.

Figure 1–2 Test result