Using EasyScope X to retrieve Average Waveform Data

October 24, 2017

Waveform averaging can be a useful method to decrease noise in a particular signal.

The SIGLENT SDS series of oscilloscopes can easily collect average waveform data using EasyScope X software.

NOTE: At this time, average waveform data is not able to be saved in CSV format via the front panel USB connection to a USB memory stick.

Initial Setup

– Download NI-VISA Runtime Engine that matches your operating system, if your computer does not already have the VISA library.

It can be downloaded from National Instruments:

– VISA library installed. This is the communication library used by EasyScope X software to communicate with the instrumentation

– Download EasySpectrum Software from the SSA3000X Product Page on the SIGLENT America website:

Connect and Collect

1. Connect the scope to the computer using a USB or LAN connection and power it on.

NOTE: This example uses a USB connection for communication between the scope and computer.

2. Open an instance of EasyScopeX by clicking on the desktop icon:

3. Add Device and select the session address for the instrument you wish to connect:

4. Configure the instrument to capture the signal of interest. You can perform this manually on the front panel, or you can use the Virtual Panel control.

Select Virtual Panel > Acquire > and press the button labeled Acquisition until the type = Average:

5. Select Waveform, and use the Play/Pause button to acquire the waveform of interest. Then, select Save > select the channel of interest > select the type of CSV to save > Press Save to open a file dialog box.