Release Date: 11/21/2017

1. Optimized the self-calibration for better offset accuracy. Note: Self-calibration must be executed after upgrading to this version. Please be sure the scope has been working continuously for at least 30 minutes before performing the self-calibration.

2. Fixed several bugs:

  • Intermittent inaccuracies in measurements collected during Roll mode.
  • Max hold would not clear correctly in FFT

Release Date: 04/06/2017

1. Released the Power Analysis option

2. Compatible with SPL1016 and SPL1008 logic probes (SDS2000 only)

3. Fixed several bugs in serial decode

Release Date: 11/18/2016

1. Optimized the FFT

  • The maximum number of FFT points was increased from 1.4k to 16k
  • Flattop window was added
  • The UI was optimized

2. Optimized the hardware frequency counter. Improved low frequency resolution

3. Optimized the Autoset function

4. Optimized the LAN port efficiency

5. Fixed several bugs:

  • Fixed abnormal display of digital channels in some cases
  • Zooming display caused I2C decode errors
  • AC/HFR trigger problem
  • Repaired UART decode problem from previous versions (1.2.2.x)

Release Date: 06/27/2016

1. Added support for measurements in Roll mode at run state

2. Added slew rate+ and slew rate- measurement parameters and updated the description of some parameters

3. Disabled insignificant measurements on FFT

4. Fixed several bugs:

  • Incorrect timing in finite persistence mode
  • Values would change on trigger delay, leveloffset etc. when adjusting horizontal, offset
    and level position back and forward
  • Unmatched side lobe suppression with Blackman or Hamming windows in FFT mode
  • Skew between analog and digital channels out of spec
  • Freeze problem in some specified cases
  • Measurement statistics did not update in some cases
  • Incorrect measurement on ROV, FOV, RPRE, FPRE

Release Date: 04/11/2016

1. Improved the user experience on the universal knob

2. Added virtual numeric keypad function to facilitate input of large numbers (depress universal knob to activate this feature)

3. Optimized the persistence display in pass/fail mode

4. Added ASCII decoding

5. Fixed several bugs:

  • Pushing the trigger level knob in AC coupled trigger mode does not bring the level back to zero
  • Setting baud rate was too sensitive in trigger setup
  • Arrow in decoding list displays abnormally
  • Digital channel display problem
  • All frames are not mapped to the display in sequence mode with frames quantity > 1024

Release Date: 12/08/2015

1. Minimum vertical scale: 2mV/div -> 1mV/div

2. Fixed several bugs:

  • Pass/fail has no output in some previous versions
  • Freezing problem when Quick Cal is on
  • Waveform update rate can drop when changing channel vertical setting
  • Horizontal deviation between the cursor and the trace in zoom window when cursor is tracking mode
  • Repaired Peak Detect problem in Roll mode
  • Screen capture error in Roll
  • Fixed French language spelling errors

3. Updated the abbreviations of some measurement parameters

4. In sequence mode, added a visible counter on the display to indicate how many segments have been acquired