SSG5000X marker delay command

September 14, 2022

The SIGLENT SSG5000X and X-V RF signal sources have marker outputs on the rear panel that enable users to have the instrument source signals (markers) at defined points in their output waveform. These markers can also be delayed in time from the set points using the marker delay function.

From the front panel, the marker delay is located under the ARB > MARKER UTILITIES menu, as shown below:

For remote programming, the commands were added in firmware revision (released 11.14.21), but were not shown in the SSG5000X Programming Guide (Versions PG0805x_E01B and earlier, as of 09.14.2022).

To Set:

“:IQ:DUALarb:MARKer:DELAy <n>”, where <n> is the time delay and units. For example, to set the delay to 100 us, send “:IQ:DUALarb:MARKer:DELAy 100us”

To Query: