How to quickly save a picture with SIGLENT SDS Oscilloscopes

October 25, 2017

Many SIGLENT scopes feature a quick print key located on the front panel.

To save a copy of the display image as a bitmap file (BMP):

1. Verify that the Print key is assigned to the save to USB. This is indicted by an “S” located at the top of the display:

If the scope indicates “P”, then you will need to reconfigure the print button.

2. Insert a USB memory device into the USB port located on the front panel of the scope

3. Press the Print button located on the front panel:

Configuring The Print Button

1. Press Utility

2. Press “Next Page” until you get to page 2/4

3. Select Print Setup

4. Set Print Key to “Save Picture”

5. Press Menu Off to get back to the main display