LAN setup on a SDS1000 Series

September 1, 2023

This operating tip shows how to setup the LAN configuration on the SDS1000 scopes like the A, DL+, or CML+ series.

Firstly, press the button(1) and rotate the knob(2), which will select using DHCP or not. And press Save/Recall button to save the IP settings. (I am using DHCP and the IP address is

(You can also manully set these IP information by using button1 and knob2 in the picture. Just make sure you also set the IP correctly on your computer.)


Secondly, open the EasyScopeX, select Add Device and type the IP address in VXI11, click OK.



Finally, you will see the scope information in Scope Explorer. It will show that the status is alive, which means you are successfully controlling the instrument right now.