How to enter options on the SDS2000X

December 18, 2018

The SDS2000X provides multiple options to fulfill your measurement requirements.


Please contact your SIGLENT sales representative or SIGLENT technical support to order one of the available options for your product.

After you generate your activation code, use the following steps to install the option on the oscilloscope:

1. Press the Utility button on the front panel to enter the UTILITY function menu.

2. Press the Next Page softkey to go to the second page of the UTILITY function menu.

3. Press the Next Page softkey to go to the third page of the UTILITY function menu.

4. Press the Options softkey to enter the OPTION function menu.

5. Press the Type softkey then turn the Universal Knob to select the module to be installed and push down the knob to confirm.

NOTE: The Option Type must match the license option key type or the instrument will show an error

6. Press the Install softkey to enter the LABEL function menu to input the license.


  • Turn the Universal Knob to select character
  • Push down the Universal Knob to confirm the characters
  • Press the Press To Install when license key input done, the screen will pop-out the message ―The license key is installed
  • Press the Clean softkey or the Backspace softkey to delete the incorrect

7. Press the Information softkey to view the option information.