SIGLENT Technologies Exhibits at ESC-Boston 2018

April 25, 2018

Siglent Technologies attended and exhibited at this year’s ESC-Boston 2018 show in Boston, MA, held April 18 – 19, 2018. Display booths from electronics and software vendors from around the world were located in the Exhibitors Hall.

Steve Barfield (General Manager, US Branch) and Jason Chonko (Advance Application Engineer, US Branch )

SIGLENT showcased products including theSDS2000X/SDS1000X-E digital oscilloscopes, SDG2000X arbitrary waveform generators and other advance products.

Many customers try new products

One of Siglent’s newest models is the SDS1204X-E oscilloscope. The SIGLENT SDS1000X-E four-channel series are equipped with a 7-inch display having a resolution of 800 * 480, and come in bandwidths of up-to 200 MHz. SIGLENT’s SPO technology results in excellent signal fidelity and some of the lowest noise in this class of products.  The SDS1000X-E has a minimum vertical sensitivity of 500 μV / div and boasts a waveform memory of up to 14 MPts. Zooming in on captured traces is fast and easy, without losing resolution. It comes with a full complement of measurement and math functions and includes a 1 M point FFT function, providing for a more detailed spectrum trace.With its powerful math co-processor, measurements are made quickly and easily on the entire waveform, not just the displayed portion.

The new four-channel scope versions build on the great 2-channel platform by including  even more powerful features including bode chart, USB AWG, USB WiFi, web server, 16 digital channels/MSO and etc.

We wish to thank everyone who came by our booth and we look forward to seeing you again next year!