SIGLENT Technologies Exhibits at IEEE-EMC 2017

August 16, 2017

SIGLENT attended North America’s largest Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity trade show from August 7 to August 11. Our team demonstrated a number of products designed to help you solve your problems more quickly, including the flexible SSA3000X series spectrum analyzers, SDS2000X series super phosphor oscilloscopes and SDG1000X series function/arbitrary waveform generators.

The SSA3000X family of spectrum analyzers are the result of over 3 years of research and development and are perfect for basic RF education and digital communications basics. It features a large 10.1 inch WVGA (1024 * 600) display, -161 dBm/Hz displayed average noise level (DANL) and -98 dBc/Hz offset phase noise (1 GHz typical, 10 KHz offset). Frequency range is 9 KHz – 2.1 GHz (or 3.2 GHz). Multiple options include tracking generator, advanced measurement kit, reflections measurement kit, and EMI measurement kit.

The IEEE EMC show provided a great opportunity to meet with EMC professionals and consultants from around the world and discuss the latest in test technology and solutions.