Oscilloscope PC Analysis Software SigScopeLab for Data Sharing and Remote Analysis

January 30, 2024

In order to break the limitation of physical space and realize waveform analysis anywhere and anytime, Siglent releases SigScopeLab software, which is a professional time-domain signal analysis and oscilloscope control software running on the Windows operating system: it provides a similar user-interactive interface as SDS advanced oscilloscopes, which is perfect for avoiding the discomfort of being detached from the physical equipment; a variety of multi-window display modes can be selected, and the horizontal time base of each memory waveform can be adjusted individually, so that the details of multiple waveforms can be observed more clearly. It is not only capable of controlling the oscilloscope acquisition on-line and obtaining waveform data for analysis on PC, but also realize the offline analysis of the waveform data on the PC, effectively speeding up the analysis speed and improving test repeatability and reliability for engineers.


Waveform Data Offline Analysis


Using data instead of static screenshots is convenient for repeated analysis and remote cooperation.

Export binary waveform files from the oscilloscope device and place them on the computer hard drive via a USB drive or network server, then use the Memory function of SigScopeLab to import waveform data, and finally perform waveform analysis, such as measurement, decode, Mask test, Signalscan, etc. In addition, the free version of SigScopeLab supports up to 2 channels for offline waveform data analysis, each supporting 2Mpts of data. SigScopeLab has many uses , especially for users who use hand-held oscillometers, a quiet office environment is usually more conducive to improving work efficiency. They can capture waveforms outdoors for data export, and then go back to the office to analyze data at any time through a PC.

Acquire Waveform Data to PC Online for Analysis


Easy to observe and analyze, no need to go back and forth for data copying and processing.

SigScopeLab only controls remote cquisition(channel/trigger/acquisition/horizontal related Specifications)and does not control remote analysis and measurement. SigScopeLab fetchs waveform data from the remote device online after controlling the acquisition, and then performs local data analysis without relying on the analysis function of the oscilloscope.

Multi-window display modes


7 display modes to meet different observation needs.

SigScopeLab can display multiple waveforms simultaneously in different Windows, can individually adjust the horizontal time base and vertical scale of the stored waveforms, and can place waveforms by dragging and dropping.


Remote Management and Setup Synchronization Function


SDS Manager for easy device switching

A remote device list is provided for convenient switching between oscilloscopes. Configuration can be synchronized from the oscilloscope to the SigScopeLab by entering the IP address. In addition, it can also synchronize the configuration from the upper computer to the oscilloscope to meet different application scenarios of users.


SigScopeLab takes waveforms out of the oscilloscope and engineers out of the lab, breaking down the constraints of time and space and making testing and teamwork more convenient and efficient.