Free oscilloscopes bandwidth upgrade and free option bundles with SDS5000X & SDS2000X HD purchase!

November 1, 2022

SIGLENT’s SDS5000X Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope combines many functions in one, and SIGLENT’s SDS2000X HD Digital Storage Oscilloscope has excellent signal analysis capability with 12-bit high resolution.


For a limited time, you can upgrade the bandwidth for free and also get a free decoding option bundle with the purchase of SDS5000X and SDS2000X HD.


Family Models Price Free with purchase
SDS5000X SDS5034X € 2,869 Upgrade to 500MHZ, Decoding Options
SDS5054X € 4,959 Upgrade to 1GHZ, Decoding Options
SDS5104X € 6,359 Decoding Options, SPL2016, SDS5000X-FG, SDS5000X-16LASAG1021I
SDS2000X HD SDS2104X HD € 2,980 Upgrade to 200MHZ, Decoding Options
SDS2204X HD € 3,680 Upgrade to 350MHZ, Decoding Options
SDS2354X HD € 4,680 Upgrade to 500MHZ, Decoding Options, SDS2000HD-FG


SDS5000X free decoding options include:

SDS5000X-FlexRay   €289

SDS5000X-1553B    €289

SDS5000X-CANFD   €289

SDS5000X-I2S       €289

SDS5000X-SENT    €289

SDS5000X-Manch    €289



SDS2000X HD free decoding options include:

SDS2000HD-I2S       €258

SDS2000HD-1553B     €258

SDS2000HD-FlexRay    €258

SDS2000HD-CANFD     €258

SDS2000HD-SENT       €258

SDS2000HD-Manch       €258


SPL2016: Logic Probe, 16-channel, 500 MSa/s   €319

SDS5000X-FG: Built-in 25 MHz arbitrary/function waveform generator     €249

SDS5000X-16LA: MSO function activation license for SDS5000X oscilloscope    €369

SAG1021I: 25 MHz isolated USB function/arbitrary waveform generator   €139

SDS2000HD-FG: Built-in 25 MHz arbitrary/function waveform generator (Software)   €228

(All offers expire on December 31, 2022)