Electronics Technician Kit I Promotion

November 1, 2022

The SIGLENT SDS1202X-E Super Phosphor Oscilloscope has a full suite of capabilities that can provide you with a robust design and troubleshooting bench. With the addition of the SIGLENT SSA3000X Plus Series Spectrum Analyzer and tracking generator, you will have the perfect work bench for tuning filters, testing cables, and RF components.

Time to build up your lab with SIGLENT’s proven test and measurement tools. Every Engineer. Every Bench. Every Day.

Electronics Technician Kit I Promotion

Family Models Price reduction
SDS1202X-E SDS1202X-E Save €20
SSA3000X Plus SSA3015X Plus Save €160
SSA3021X Plus Save €170
SSA3032X Plus Save €340

(All offers expire on December 31, 2022)