A New Bundle for EMI pre-compliance test

January 1, 2022

For a limited time, we have created a new bundle to make testing even more affordable. This new bundle is ideal for EMI pre-compliance testing and includes the EMI Measurement Kit and the SRF5030T non-contact near-field probes priced at a discount when purchased with any model of the SIGLENT spectrum analyzers.

When purchased separately, the combined cost of the EMI Measurement Kit and SRF5030T is up to €1244. When included with a SIGLENT spectrum analyzer, both are included for only €399! Save up to €845!

That’s right!

Get an up to €845 off when you buy these three items at one time:

  • Any SSA3000X, SSA3000X Plus, SSA3000X-R, or SVA1000X analyzer
  • The matching EMI activation license (part number SSA3000X-EMI, SSA3000XP-EMI, SSA3000XR-EMI, or SVA1000X-EMI)
  • SRF5030T near field probes

The EMI Measurement Kit includes an EMI Filter, Quasipeak detector, and EMI test bandwidth settings. It also activates the EMI test options in our free EasySpectrum Software. Together, this bundle will help you hunt down those difficult pre-compliance issues quickly!

Bundle pricing only available when included with the purchase of a new SIGLENT spectrum analyzer, which you can choose from SSA3000X-R, SSA3000X, SSA3000X Plus and SVA1000X series. All offers are valid until March 31st, 2022.

SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to all final decisions related to this campaign.